Passenger Ratings are manufacturer maximums based on an average weight of 150 lbs per person.  If dealing with adults, based on individual weights and sizes, attire, and other goods placed in the coach, you should deduct at least 2 from the manufacturers passenger rating to assure that the vehicle is not overloaded.  You will likely NOT be comfortable with 10 adults in a 10 passenger limousine, no matter which company you choose.

 Maximum weight ALWAYS supersedes passenger capacities.  Chauffeur makes all judgments on safety if total weight or capacity is excessive.  Please use good judgment as refunds are not given if entire party cannot be accommodated due to combined passenger weight or passenger capacity.

 Please take into account that winter attire, formal attire, and carry ons not placed in trunk (coolers, baggage, child seats, gowned brides, etc.) will reduce passenger capacities.

 Be safe and comfortable on your special occasion, reserve a limousine that has more than enough room for everyone!


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